Monrovia United Methodist Church
140 East Palm Avenue,
Monrovia, CA 91016

 Pastor Alena Uhamaka - 626/303-2783     
Services and Sunday School        10:30am Every Sunday

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Parish                                                             June 15, 2014



Pastor's Leave

Pastor Alena will be out of her office from Monday June 16 to July 6, 2014.  She will be at the Annual Conference from June 16 21 and will return Sunday June 22 to preach.  She will then take her vacation in Australia beginning Monday June 23, returning for the service on Sunday, July 6.  During her absence Rev. Dee Siregar and Rev. Leonard Siregar will conduct Sunday services.  Dailey will be in the office during this time, so you can direct your inquiries to her.


Combined Service

We will have our combined service with Dominion Hilltop Ministries June 29.  Bishop John White will preach.  There will be a potluck, and we will celebrate all the June birthdays, so please bring food to share with our members and friends. It's a great opportunity for fellowship.


Vacation Bible School

Vacation Bible School will take place during the second week of the month, July 7-10.  This can be a great time of learning and sharing while we equip our young people for their spiritual life.  If you have time to help, please contact the church office or let Pastor Alena know.  We thrive on the many contributions of our volunteers.  If you would like to donate money or provide a scholarship for an underprivileged child, $10 will defray the cost of his or her T-Shirt and snacks.



Anyone who would like to read the scripture passages during the Sunday service (these are called "lessons") should let Dailey or Pastor Alena know so that your name can be printed in the bulletin and so that you will know which passages you will be reading in time to prepare.  This is an excellent way to participate in our worship service, and is open to anyone who wants to read.  If you want to read in a language other than English, you are welcome to do that, too.


Volunteers Wanted

From July 14 to the third week of August our Secretary will vacation in Hawaii.  We need someone to answer the phone and take messages for the Church.  This will enable us to keep the door open and a friendly face for our tenants and visitors, and also a watchful eye to forestall mischief.  You will also be able to manage casual rentals of the parking lot and other parts of our Facility.  Please let Pastor Alena or the Church Office know If you can help.


We would also like to extend our Thrift Shop hours.  You can join the loyal crew of Janie, Mitra, George, Guy and Melanie who are already contributing their valuable time to make the Thrift Shop a success.




I just could not believe it, that we are in the middle of the year already.  Time has gone by so fast and I looked back to see what we have done and it amazed me and I asked myself, how did we do it?  But again, I gladly say, that it is only through the love of God. It is only through his love and grace plus all the support that everyone has given to his ministry in this church that helps us move along.


I know some of us are already planning our summer vacation, and some of us will not be able to travel, but we can take a "staycation" which is staying put with your time off. The good news is, that whether you are leaving to go on vacation or just staying home, you can pause to give thanks for the many mysterious ways in which God has blessed your life.


We too often overlook the beauty of God? gifts to us, and we compare ourselves to others instead of counting the many ways that we are blessed.  Sometimes I feel  overwhelmed and I start to compare our Church with other Churches.  But when I sit down and consider the history of this church, I am amazed at the gifts that the Saints who have gone before us have left, and the contributions our current members have made, and the donations and services members of the community have provided so that we can be a blessing to others with our willing spirit and with this beautiful building.


I count the many lives that have been changed by AA and NA, The Food Addicts and the Kitchens for the poor and the Homeless, The several Churches that meet here and La Leche, which Educates Mothers with new Babies, the English as a Second Language class, the Cheerleaders Group and the Art Group, The Society for Creative Anachronism and the Rock hounds, The Thrift Shop, The Counseling and Weekly Study of the Word and much more Are we really making a difference in the lives of the people in our Zip Code?.  I will answer with a big YES, YES, YES. We do.  These thoughts warm my heart and I rejoice knowing that I am blessed to be a part of this ministry.


We are excited about our Vacation Bible Study which it will start on July 7.  A special Indonesian Independence Day will be celebrated in August.  Our Annual Hawaiian Luau will be held on October 4.  We are busy and we will continue to stay busy in doing what is right and needed to keep our doors open to everyone in the community and especially to the people in need.


We also rejoice that the three new members have joined our Ministry.  We will continue to pray and seek ways to help our Church, our community and our world.


Have a wonderful summer, all of you.  Take time each day to be quiet, to pray, and to offer a special prayer of Thanksgiving for the gifts that God has blessed you with.  Invite the Spirit of God and He will guide you and lead you and use you everyday.



Pastor Alena


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